European Restructuring & Insolvency Tool

Comparing regimes across Europe

With insolvencies on the rise across Europe, the end of COVID-19 support measures and the implementation of new preventive restructuring regimes in many European jurisdictions, understanding the differences and similarities in restructuring, insolvency and enforcement across Europe has never been more important. 

Our pan-European comparative tool reflects these changes and allows you to compare the restructuring and insolvency regimes across 23 jurisdictions covering topics such as: 

  • types of security
  • enforcement of security
  • pre-insolvency proceedings (including preventive restructurings)
  • insolvency proceedings
  • antecedent transactions/clawback claims
  • director liability
  • termination of contracts
  • recognition of foreign insolvency proceedings.

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Austria France Netherlands Slovakia
Belgium Germany Poland Spain
Czech Republic Greece Portugal Sweden
Denmark Hungary Republic of Ireland Turkey
England and Wales Italy Romania Ukraine
Finland Luxembourg Scotland

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