20 September 2022

Doing Business and Investing in Germany: A guide to help foreign investors

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If you’re thinking of doing business in Germany, then our comprehensive guide “Doing Business and Investing in Germany” can assist you in the process. Designed to help foreign investors, it provides an overview of the legal issues involved when setting up a new business or running an already existing business. Focusing on commercial, corporate and employment law, it also covers other areas like the German tax system, the financing of companies as well as the protection of patents and trademarks.

Entering the German market and what to take note of

After giving an overview of the most important facts and figures about Germany in general and the German market, the guide explores the topics Entering Germany and what to take note of when Starting Business Activities in Germany, setting up a branch or a company and what duties are accompanying such a setup as well as financing a German subsidiary.

The German Tax System, Real Estate and Inventions and Trademarks

Doing Business and Investing in Germany also provides a detailed insight into the German Tax System as well as Employment and social security aspects whilst the Real Estate Chapter comprehensively introduces you to Property Rights in Germany. Protecting inventions and trademarks considers what can and cannot be patented in Germany, how long a patent protection lasts, how to apply for patents as well as what can be protected, how long trademark protections lasts and how to register trademarks.

Public Procurement Law, State Aid and Privacy

The chapter Public Procurement Law gives investors a brief overview on why the public procurement sector in Germany is of considerable economic importance, whilst State Aid provides you with an overview on why an upward trend in state aid expenditure can be observed in Germany in recent years. From a person’s contact details to tracking their online habits - Privacy provides an insight about Privacy trends and hot topics in Germany as well as Key Legal Considerations.

International Commercial Agreements & Litigation, venue, arbitration and enforcement

In international business relationships, two or even more legal systems usually come into play. International Commercial Agreements highlights some of the key issues including venue, general terms and conditions, securing payment as well as supply conditions and risk allocation. In Litigation, venue, arbitration and enforcement our authors deal with courts and its decisions, regulation relating to the execution of claims within the EU and arbitration.

Insolvency and Restructuring

Not every business is a success right from the start. Therefore, Doing Business and Investing in Germany provides you with insights into Insolvency proceedings in Germany and newly introduced options when there is a need to restructure businesses.

Foreign Exchange Law

As the acquisition of shares in local companies by foreign investors can be restricted, the guide concludes with a detailed look into the acquisition of shares in German companies, notifications duties vis-à-vis the German Federal Bank as well as import and export control by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

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Doing Business and Investing in Germany

A Practical Guide for Foreign Investors

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