Digital Services Act (DSA): What digital intermediaries need to know

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Every digital business should have 17 February 2024 on their radar: This is the date on which the Digital Services Act (DSA) becomes completely applicable on a mandatory basis for all affected service providers. This makes the regulation one of the first flagship projects of the European digital strategy that has a direct impact on digital platforms. Violations could result in considerable fines of up to 6% of annual global turnover.

In the webinar on 20 February 2024, our experts Nathalie Koch, LL.M., Philipp Koehler and Dr. Gregor Schmid, LL.M. will provide a brief overview on the DSA’s structure and scope of application, the developments to date since it came into force in November 2022 and administrative proceedings concerning so-called very large online platforms (VLOPs) that are already ongoing. Above all, however, they will discuss a selection of challenges involved in the DSA’s implementation that practice currently has to deal with.

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